In these trimester-based workshops, we’ll discuss how to pick the right provider for YOU, setting yourself up for success by building a birth team, communicating your wishes via a birth plan, preparing your body for birth, how to plan for your postpartum and MORE!

Trimester-Based Workshops

Join Precision Chiropractic and the award-winning team from Birth Fort Worth for a 4-part series all about preparing for #YourBestBirth!

🍦 $15/couple includes a FREE pop but if you check in on social media, you’ll snag another one free! 😍

About to Pop! Pregnancy workshops in Fort Worth

Class 1: All About [ C H O I C E ] - dates coming soon

🧠 Choosing the Right Provider for YOU
🔍 Understanding the differences between types of providers (OB/CNM/LM,CPM)
🛁 Location, Location, Location! Exploring Hospital Settings vs Birth Center vs Home

…. and a Q&A session with Fort Worth birth photographer, Aly Renee!

Class 2: All About [ B I R T H p r e p ] -

✌🏼 Choosing a labor support team to help you achieve YOUR birth wishes
👐🏼 Chiropractic care- who? when? where? why?
✔️ Practical, evidence-based information for preparing your body for labor and postpartum healing

💬 and MORE!

Class 3: ALL ABOUT [ B I R T H ] - may 10

Class 3 of our About to Pop! Workshop Series, all about [ B I R T H ] ....

❓ How to tell when it's "real" labor
💫 Understanding labor hormones
🛁 Tips for coping with early labor at home
🚗 When to head to your place of birth
🤗 A quick demo of hands-on techniques for pain relief
👏 Q&A session with midwife Jen Marlow of Magnolia Birth

📌 Tickets are $15/couple and includes one free pop but check in on social media at the event to receive another pop FREE!

Class 4: All About [ P O S T P A R T U M ] - dates coming soon

Infant Feeding Options (and local resources)

Postpartum Mental Health: What’s Normal & What’s NOT

Pelvic Floor Health: Debunking Myths

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