What birth | Fort Worth Clients are Saying

Heidi was an irreplaceable member of my birth team!! My husband was a wonderful helper, but we both knew I needed more support since things were moving much quicker than anticipated! She always knew just when to touch, keep her distance, speak, or be silent. Her gift of intuition is obvious! My son was born in the birthing tub just four and a half hours after labor began. I know the experience would have been much more frantic and stressful without her there! She was also super helpful in the days after birth, especially when it came to nursing. I would recommend her doula services over and over again, and want her at all of my future births!
— Jenny, Fort Worth, TX
Barbara is a very experienced and knowledgeable doula. She is professional, dependable and a pleasure to work alongside. She has a soothing and calm demeanor. Patients love her; midwives love her. She is confident, easy to get along with and most of all, compassionate with her clients. I work with many doulas and Barbara is someone that I recommend over and over and I trust her to give excellent care to my patients.
— Lissa Goble, DNP, CNM, Fort Worth Birthing Center

We wanted this birth to be different. I longed for my dream birth. We decided to hire a doula and see what would be different. From the moment she walked in my front door I knew Barbara would be what we needed. When I went into labor she encouraged me all day with ideas and suggestions and when we got to the hospital the fun really started. Barbara joked with us and made light conversation as we walked around the halls. We were not locked away in a room by ourselves. When it came to crunch time Barbara switched to caring for me and zeroed in on exactly what I needed to help me push through with no medication. After 4 1/2 hours of walking, talking, hip spreading, mopping my head and neck and allowing me to push her away only to pull her back when I needed her Barbara helped me welcome my Kody into the world. It was my dream birth and it would not have been without her. Thank you Barbara, thank you.
— Heidi, Midlothian, TX

I’ve been torn on what exactly to say about Barbara and the services she provided for me and my family. It has taken me a lot longer than I would like to admit, to figure out how to put into words just how wonderful Barbara was. Barbara is extremely knowledgeable about everything labor, delivery, postpartum and breastfeeding. She was a great source of comfort and support throughout my pregnancy as well as during labor. She was the female voice that I needed during all my “I think I’m in labor” moments, and this was my 2nd pregnancy, I should’ve known better! But of course, just as Barbara would like to remind me, every pregnancy is so different. When it came down to labor and delivery, again so VERY different than my first time around, she knew what I needed when I didn’t. When I needed the unwavering support and the voice in my ear telling me,”you can do this, you’ve got this” she was right there being that voice. Even though I may not have utilized all of Barbara’s services to her fullest, due to a fast and intense active labor, the suggestions, support, and techniques she did provide me with was more than I had ever expected. She even remembered to take pictures of my son being born amidst all the chaos. My husband and I are so grateful having had a chance to meet Barbara and use her. We have both agreed that if and when we ever have another baby, we will definitely be hiring Barbara again!
— Kelly W., Fort Worth, TX

Barbara was very good about getting me information during my pregnancy, and she was also helpful in making sure I knew what my options were throughout the birthing experience. She knew my birth plan and did her best to keep me on track with that...after my birth plan changed, she was supportive and helpful in making sure that I had the support I needed, ensuring me that this was my birth experience and I had the ability to trust my gut when making decisions during labor/delivery.

Even though I ended up with an epidural, we found that having a doula was extremely helpful. She was able to step into situations where my husband was not comfortable (i.e. holding my legs with a full view of what was going on below the belt). As the midwife and nurses encouraged him to look and see the progress (after he said a couple times “no thanks”), Barbara was able to say clearly that he was not comfortable with that and they left it alone after that. Barbara was also helpful in establishing nursing immediately after delivery.

She was also EXTREMELY helpful at our first postpartum visit regarding breastfeeding. I had lots of questions and nerves surrounding nursing but she was able to make it all easy, understandable and manageable for me. I was able to text her questions and ask for suggestions after our postpartum visit because I had some trouble getting Maggie to latch on one breast. She helped me figure out a plan and that plan helped me to get on track and lowered my anxieties.
— Brooke G., Fort Worth, TX

My husband and I had Barbara as a part of our birth team for the birth of our second son. While I already had the experience of one natural birth from my first, I was nervous going into the second birth now that I knew just how challenging it would be physically, mentally and emotionally. As soon as I interviewed Barbara I felt relieved by her confidence and her encouragement that I could have the birth that I wanted and not be fearful about it. Her role in our birth story, including both prenatal preparation and postpartum follow up, was irreplaceable. She gave me confidence through her help with my birth plan, as well as her home visit to give my husband and I comfort measures for laboring at home. The better I prepared, the less anxious I became. When the day arrived that my son was born, I had no fear of the task that was ahead of me and Barbara stayed with us every step of the way. She encouraged me through contractions, and provided ideas and techniques to keep my labor progressing. After my delivery it was such a blessing to text or call her with the smallest of questions, and her breast feeding advice was invaluable! I’m so glad that we found Barbara to be a part of our birth, I would not have the birth experience that I hoped for if she had not been a part of it.
— Katie H., Fort Worth, TX