Meet Whitney Jones

Hi, everyone!

I am Whitney and I have been a doula for almost 5 years now! I have been married to my husband, Bobby (I know, I know... Whitney & Bobby, right?!) 12 years come May.  He was in the Navy for 14 years, so we have traveled a little around the south.  He is now out of the Navy and we are here in Fort Worth.  We love the area and that there are so many opportunities here!

Whitney Jones Fort Worth Doula (2).jpeg

We have 4 children, Ava who is 9, Addison is 7, Ryder is 4, and River is 2. With my first children, I thought I knew all about pregnancy and beyond, but little did I know! Their births were good, I was induced and had epidurals, but I knew that there had to be a different way. When we found out we were pregnant with Ryder, I knew I wanted to have a different experience than what I had with the girls, so I googled natural childbirth. The word doula popped up! I had never heard of that before, being from Mississippi, where NO ONE goes without medications during labor, or at least no one I had meet prior to this point.

So, we hired Ashley (she was AMAZING) and I just knew that I wanted to become a doula! So, I started my doula journey with Childbirth International in 2013 and moved from there onto Madriella, where I certified in Birth and Postpartum doula work. 

While in Virginia I started my journey to midwifery with Jeni at The Village Midwife. When we moved from VA back to MS , I took a break but being here in Fort Worth, I hope to continue that journey also!


I am so excited to be joining birth | Fort Worth and sharing in the joy of birthing with all of the families that come our way!