Bringing home a new baby can be one of the most exciting, yet challenging times of your life.

Expectations meet reality and many new, and even experienced parents find themselves feeling overwhelmed.


At birth | Fort Worth, we offer support and guidance as you settle in and find your stride.

We can help manage the details so you can spend time with what's important

We can help manage the details so you can spend time with what's important

New Baby Care with birth | Fort Worth includes:

  • Newborn Care- Tips and tricks for diaper changes and bath time, establishing a routine that works for your family, organization hacks, pumping and feeding support and more.


  • Feeding Support- Our experts are skilled in all ways of feeding your baby. In order to better serve our breastfeeding clients, we are Texas Department of Health Breastfeeding Educators and offer infant feeding support at no extra cost to our After Baby Care clients.


  • Judgement-Free Zone- We're here to help, without any judgement or side-eye (promise). We encourage you to feel confident in your parenting choices and will help you find ways to implement systems that will set you up for success! Tell us your goals and we'll help you form a plan to get there.


  • Information Station- We are experts in our craft and will happily supply you with information on a variety of parenting topics including breastfeeding & bottle feeding, diapering (including cloth diaper education), baby wearing basics, pediatrician recommendations and infant sleep. 


  • Twins/Multiples- Bringing home more than one bundle of joy? Not to worry! Our postpartum doulas have extensive experience with multiples and can help you establish a care routine that works for you and your family, while offering our expertise along the way. There's no need to go it alone; let our After Baby Care experts manage the details while you focus on getting to know your new babies (and sneaking in some sleep)!


  • Self-Care- Need someone to care for your baby while you take care of the older Children? Go to doctor appointments? sneak off for a bath? A workout? Or better yet, a nap? We've got you covered (day and night options available).


  • Light Housework & Meal Prep- Wishing for a laundry fairy? A Meal prep queen? Our postpartum doulas are happy to help with baby-related laundry, light housekeeping and the preparation of nourishing snacks.


Confidence is a just a click away...