Testimonial 4 Doula Barb

When we first met Barb, I told my husband she was the perfect mix of professionalism and comfort. She has researched information and plenty of experience, but she also has this laid back, calm personality that made me feel like I could pee in front of her (which I was pretty sure I would end up doing by the end of labor). 

During labor, Barb was with me the whole time, helping me walk the stairs, holding a fan, pushing on my back...When it came time to push, reminding me to tuck my chin, and (although this sounds cheesy) giving me her strength when I was out, reminding me I could do it when I felt very sure I couldn't. The midwives were also helpful, but they had medical stuff to do, as well as other patients to care for. I can't imagine if I had decided to go without a doula! 

We ended up needing to go to the hospital for recovery care, and Barb went with us, even though she had been with us and away from her family for 17 hours at that point. She was with us throughout the whole experience, giving us her quiet support and calm guidance. 
I can't express enough how glad I am that we had Barb as our partner in birth.

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Testimonial 3 Doula Barb

My husband and I had Barbara as a part of our birth team for the birth of our second son. While I already had the experience of one natural birth from my first, I was nervous going into the second birth now that I knew just how challenging it would be physically, mentally and emotionally. As soon as I interviewed Barbara I felt relieved by her confidence and her encouragement that I could have the birth that I wanted and not be fearful about it. Her role in our birth story, including both prenatal preparation and post partum follow up, was irreplaceable. She gave me confidence through her help with my birth plan, as well as her home visit to give my husband and I comfort measures for laboring at home. The better I prepared, the less anxious I became. When the day arrived that my son was born, I had no fear of the task that was ahead of me and Barbara stayed with us every step of the way. She encouraged me through contractions, and provided ideas and techniques to keep my labor progressing. After my delivery it was such a blessing to text or call her with the smallest of questions, and her breast feeding advice was invaluable! I'm so glad that we found Barbara to be a part of our birth, I would not have the birth experience that I hoped for if she had not been a part of it.

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Testimonial 2 Doula Barb

My experience with Barbara Davis is one I will never forget.  I found Barbara the week of my birth and I was thrilled she was able and willing to assist me with my scheduled induction on such a short notice.  Without Barbara's support and methods, I don't believe I would have had the birthing experience I dreamed of having, an unmedicated birth.  It is often that out of nowhere, I find myself beaming ear to ear, reflecting on my amazing birth experience.  I would do it all over again, thanks to Barbara's help.

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Testimonial 1 Doula Barb

We welcomed Barb into our home for a private Your Best Birth Class before the birth of our second baby, and what a wonderful decision it was! Barbara brought her own professional slideshow and handed us a binder to refer to down the road. She taught us all the typical birthing information, but with a warmth and consideration unmatched by any instructors we had encountered before. Well-educated and armed with the most recent evidence-based practices, Barbara empowered us to decide what was best for us and our new arrival without the judgment and scare tactics employed by others. She felt like a friend from the first interview; I would recommend Barbara Davis to anybody, just as our midwives recommended her to us. 

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