Flip Your Script

About a week ago, I was visiting with my mentor, Randy Patterson from ProDoula, over margaritas. 

We talked about all sorts of stuff- Elton John, doula work and then eventually, talk turned to our kids (funny how that happens).

Randy has two kick-ass daughters of her own (ahem, one of them owns YellowJacket Social- check it out).  I mentioned that I was sort of dreading when Lola became a teenager- hormones, attitude... I can hear the sighs and door slams now!

What she said next flipped my script.

"Why?  I looked forward to it!  I couldn't wait to see the person my daughters would become."

Wow.  How about that? 

I'm sure I sat there with a blank stare- it took a moment or two for the depth of what she said to sink in.  Be excited to meet and love the person your children will become.

Those few sentences have been rattling around in my brain.  I see my sweet Lola and think about it- who will she become?  Will she enjoy reading?  Will she love sports?  Maybe she'll love band.  Will she be as feisty as I think she'll be?

And you know what?  I'm not dreading those teenage years.  I'm thinking about how I can help her become the very best version of herself.  The person I can't wait to meet. 

I encourage you to do the same.  Flip your script.  Change those voices, those doubts.  Be excited.  Love your kids- the way they are, and the way they will be.