Prepare for #YourBestBirth! 

Your Best Birth Class presents Evidence-based information with an emphasis on informed choice.

A modern approach to childbirth education.

 Natural Birth Class in Fort Worth TX | Your Best Birth Class in Fort Worth DFW Dallas

Topics Include:

  • Birth Basics- Understanding the How & Why

  • Building a Birth Team- Set yourself up for success!

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning- Everything you need to know for an easier labor.

  • End of Pregnancy Tests and Procedures- What to expect and how to navigate your options as you near your birthing day.

  • Writing a Birth Plan- Learn how to effectively communicate your wishes to your care provider and how to plan for the unexpected.

  • Induction & Common Interventions- Learn how these tools can impact your labor.

  • Labor Sights & Sounds- A thorough break down of each stage of labor for the laboring person and their partner.

  • Hands-On Comfort Measures- Learn hands-on techniques for managing pain during labor.

  • Breastfeeding Basics- An in-depth look at latch, positioning, how to know your baby is getting enough to eat and a look at common obstacles with tips to avoid and overcome them.

  • Tips and Tricks for the 4th Trimester- Practical, fact-based information and a few parenting hacks to make your life easier as you settle in with your new baby.

  • Follow-Up Email full of helpful tips, tricks and links to some our favorite online and video resources.

  • HOMEWORK- Yup, just a little. But don’t worry- you’ve got this!

Created and taught exclusively by birth | Fort Worth, your experts for all things birth, Your Best Birth Class prepares couples by giving them the information, confidence, and hands-on skills they need to achieve their BEST birth in a fun, laid-back environment.

1-Day Saturday Class in Fort Worth & McKinney

2-Night Wednesday Sessions at Precision Chiropractic

Private & Refresher Sessions Available

Your Best Birth Class is appropriate for all birth plans. You'll leave feeling prepared to handle whatever labor throws your way! 

Best taken between 30-35 weeks.

 Let  birth | Fort Worth  come to YOU! We offer in-home Private & Refresher classes in all of Fort Worth/Dallas and surrounding areas.

Saturday Sessions- $225, 10a-4p

This comprehensive, 1-day, six-hour class has been designed to prepare you for Your Best Birth.  Tuition includes a 50+ page take home manual, the follow-up Your Best Birth email packed with helpful info and links to our favorite online resources as well as private phone and email support from your instructor.

Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center 

  • Nov. 10

  • Dec. 15

  • Jan. 12, 2019

  • Feb. 9

  • Mar. 2

Adriatica Women’s Health (Mckinney, TX)

  • Nov. 17

  • Dec. 8

  • Jan. 26, 2019

  • Feb. 23

Aledo & Burleson Locations Coming Soon!

Private & Refresher Sessions

Too busy for group classes? Maybe you've done this before and just need a quick refresher. bFW has ya' covered; choose the option that works for #YourBestBirth!


Private, In-Home Session - $275

 A private, comprehensive class is taught in the comfort of your own home. We'll cover everything included in the full Saturday Session with the added ability to customize material to meet your individual needs. Tuition includes a 50+ page full-color Your Best Birth Manual and Your Best Birth Email packed with helpful info and links to our favorite online resources. Class lasts up to 6 hours, but usually runs between 4-5 hours.


Refresher Course - $200

This 2-hour class is ideal for covering the basics: Stages of Labor and Comfort Measures (i.e. What do Do and When). Our expert comes to you and will spend time going over what to expect during each stage of labor, she'll share practical tips for you and your partner and you'll learn hands-on techniques for pain management.

Leave confident in your ability to achieve Your Best Birth!

We did a private Your Best Birth class with Barbara and felt it was worth every single penny. Not only did we learn so much more than we could learn even from reading all the books that we read, but it was such a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other better and bond for when we would need it later. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here and say this: do yourself a favor and work with birth | Fort Worth. It is worth every penny and then some!
— Amy, Fort Worth