Safe. Professional. Experienced.

With nearly 10 years of combined experience, our trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialists are committed to offering safe and reliable placenta encapsulation in Fort Worth. 

birth | Fort Worth's experts are trained professionals and have completed an OSHA-approved Bloodborne Pathogen & Infection Control Training and hold Texas Food Handler's Certifications.

Fort Worth Placenta Encapsulation- $225

Placenta Pick-Up and Delivery- We pick up from your place of birth and hand-deliver your capsules

Placenta Capsules - Most clients will receive between 80-120 capsules, depending on the size of your placenta.

Individual Counseling for Suggested Use

Umbilical Cord Keepsake (no additional charge)

One Archival-Quality Placenta Print (no additional charge, see our work on Huffington Post!)

Add On: Placenta Tincture Service- $45

Placenta Encapsulation in Fort Worth, TX

Placenta Print, Umbilical Cord Keepsake and Placenta Capsules

Placenta Print, Umbilical Cord Keepsake and Placenta Capsules

What Can Your Placenta Do For You?

It is believed that placenta encapsulation can:

  • Help to balance your hormones

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Increase breast milk production

  • Replenish depleted iron levels

  • Assist the uterus in returning to its pre-pregnancy state

  • Reduce postpartum bleeding

  • Make for a happier, more enjoyable postpartum period

Why Choose birth | Fort Worth to Handle Your Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation in Fort Worth

Highest Safety Standards- Our placenta encapsulation specialists have completed an OSHA-approved Bloodborne Pathogen & Infection Control Training, holds a Texas Food Handler's Certification and adhere to meticulous sanitation standards to ensure you receive the highest quality finished product. This includes proper transportation and refrigeration protocols, only handling one placenta at a time and the use of bleach and hospital-grade disinfectant before and after preparation. 

Quality- We use only preservative-free, additive-free and non-GMO capsules and offer the steam-prep method of steaming, slicing and dehydrating your placenta at 160 degrees. We never add any herbs or spices to your placenta. For tinctures, we use a high-quality, triple distilled 100-proof vodka or, for those with gluten sensitivities, we offer a gluten-free version as well. 

Quick Turnaround Time- We offer quick pick-up and delivery with many of our clients receiving their finished product less than 48 hours after they deliver.
Choice- YOU get to decide where your placenta is prepared- in your home or in our space. Both locations are treated with the same protocols; concentrated bleach and hospital-grade disinfectant is used before and after prep and we'll leave your kitchen cleaner than when we arrived.

Professional, Discrete Service- birth | Fort Worth maintains the highest standards of professionalism. Details surrounding your birth will never be shared on social media without your consent.

The information contained on this page has not been evaluated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Information provided is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Clients understand that they are taking full responsibility of researching and understanding any remedies, including the ones mentioned above.