Music for Labor: How to Make an Awesome Labor Playlist

I love music. 

I have it going all the time- cleaning house, working on the computer, drinking coffee in the morning and especially driving in the car- it saves my sanity!  So there wasn't even a question as to whether or not I'd have music at my labor- it's part of who I am!

I spent several hours perfecting my labor playlist and honestly, it was a lot of fun!  I kept a note on my phone and when I'd hear a song I wanted to add, I'd add it to the list.  I even asked my husband to contribute and he had a blast thinking of all the goofy songs he wanted to add (think Push It, Ring of Fire, those good, cheesy ones).  Music can be a great addition to your birth!

So... how can YOU go about building a killer birth playlist? 

How to make a labor playlist

First, you want to consider your emotional needs during the different stages of labor.  In early labor, you need to be relaxing and resting, sleeping if at all possible, so you'll want some chill music.  Some clients like nature sounds, spa-like music or just laid-back tunes.  For me, my Sister Golden Hair mix did the trick.  It included America, the Eagles, Santana... ya feel me?  It was perfect for early labor at home.  I could relax, rest when needed and just tune into the music.

Once things start to pick up, you'll want to stay active (gravity is your friend, remember?) so you'll want your music for this stage to be more upbeat, with a good steady beat.  I wanted music that not only kept me moving but that spoke to me as well so my playlist for active labor was quite a mix- Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Turnpike Troubadours, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Green, Jerry Jeff Walker... anything that I thought would help me feel good and get up and move!

You'll also want to consider transition and pushing.  I didn't feel the need to have different music for this stage but I've had many clients request a certain song to be playing when baby is born.  I think that's awesome, especially when those songs have a special meaning for the parents.  What a special gift to give to baby!  Some clients like to move back to a more subdued playlist... and some don't give a flip about what music is playing!

Finally, remember that labor is all about going with the flow! 

That awesome birth playlist I spent hours making.... I got 10 seconds into the first song before asking for it to be turned off. 

Music during labor wasn't my thing after all.  Go figure.