birth | Fort Worth: The Perfect Partnership

When I first started out as a doula, it was instilled into me that doulas work alone. 

That I WAS my business.  If I were to get sick or hurt or have a family emergency, my clients would either do without or have to make-do with a doula they’ve never met before.  It wasn’t until I was considering quitting doula work due to burn-out (which happens to be just a couple of years in this field) that I discovered the concept of a partnership.

You see, living the doula life can be hard.  It means being on-call all of the time.  If a doula is booked solid, as I am, it means living on-call for months at a time.  That can be so, so hard on family- missed birthdays, school plays, even Christmas mornings!  Having a partner takes the sting out of full-time doula work by having someone to share the load with.  And, it has many benefits for YOU as well!

  • No random back-up doulas at your birth.  Someone you know and trust, someone you’ve spent months getting to know, will be there for you on your big day.
  • A well-rested doula!  With the ability to share a call schedule, or call in a partner to take over when needed, it ensures that clients always have a fresh, capable doula at their disposal.
  • Continuity of care- if I have to hand you over to my partner (who you already know and love), I know that she will step in and make it a seamless transition. 

With birth | Fort Worth, I truly believe we’ve found the Perfect Partnership.  I get to work with someone that I absolutely adore and YOU get to work with two fabulous doulas!  It’s a win-win!