Local Partner Highlight: Precision Chiropractic, Fort Worth

Who are they?

Fort Worth Webster Certified Chiropractor

They are the chiropractic clinic in Fort Worth behind The Structural Difference - a different approach to chiropractic care that focuses on correcting the structural shift behind many common pregnancy problems such as round ligament pain, rib discomfort, and pubic symphysis dysfunction.


What's different about their care?

While traditional chiropractic care typically has the goals of decreasing muscle spasm, improving range of motion, and temporarily reducing pain, at Precision Chiropractic they focus on correcting the underlying structural shift behind the spasms, limited motion, pain, and other secondary conditions, thereby restoring your spinal structure and function to normal and eliminating the resulting secondary conditions. That’s The Structural Difference.

pregnancy chiropractor in fort worth

What services do they offer?

Everything starts with their complimentary consultation where they discuss your case with you, answer your questions, and help you determine the best way to address your health concerns.

Every patient undergoes a thorough examination (no x-rays during pregnancy, of course) prior to their first treatment. In addition to structural correction treatments, they also offer birth support packages for those interested in incorporating chiropractic care into their birth plans!

And don’t worry - while many people associate chiropractic care with procedures that require a great deal of force, they tailor their care to the unique needs of the pregnant patient. From their gentle, low-force and instrument-based techniques to their durable memory foam pregnancy pillows that allow you to safely and comfortably lie face down during your brief treatments, they’ve designed everything with your safety and comfort as their top priority.


How can I connect with them?

You can find them online at www.precisionchirofw.com (you can even book your consultation directly through their website!)  

They can also be reached by phone at 682.235.0810. They are available by appointment only so be sure to call or book online ahead of time!

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