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When Birth Isn't Amazing

At birth | Fort Worth, we work really, really hard to avoid projecting our experience as your doula onto your feelings about your birth.  We want you to feel safe and supported, with room to process and move your way through your experience, free from judgement or side-eye.

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Dads & Doulas

Our job as doulas is to support the couple and their birth wishes.  We help Dad help Mom.  We facilitate him being involved as much, or as little, as the couple desires.  We liken our work to that of a trail guide- we're familiar with the path and we're there to guide.  We can't hike it for you but we can help you navigate over some of the rough and bumpy parts.  A doula could never take the place of the partner- they know each other better than anyone else. But, Dads aren't doulas.

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