What is a Birth Affirmation?

Birth Affirmation.

Sounds wonderful!  But, what exactly is it?

Simply put, a birth affirmation is a phrase, or even just a word, that reminds you you've got this.

It can help center you.  Remind you to relax.  Help you to breathe.  Give you something to focus on.  Something to give you the strength to get through another contraction. Over one. more. wave.

It can be a beautiful, pre-made image like the one above, it can be a home-made poster, or it can be a word on a note card.  The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

One of the most meaningful things I did to prepare for the birth of my daughter was to sit down and make a poster of affirmations that spoke to me... I used Pinterest for inspiration and when I was finished, I propped it against my bathroom mirror where I could see it each morning.  I took some time with it everyday.  Time to slow down.  Time to visualize my birth.   Then, I took it to the birth with me.  My doula was thoughtful enough to prop it next to the bed for me during a particularly challenging part.  It was incredibly helpful!

Birth Affirmation Poster

I encourage you to spend some time looking for things that speak to you.  Make a collection.  Jot down some notes.

Make something beautiful for yourself.