Postpartum Belly Binding- Fort Worth, TX

When dreaming about their postpartum experience, most women picture themselves looking rested and relaxed, holding their sleeping baby.  There are moments when that happens but there is a whole other side to the world of life after baby.  There is missing sleep, breastmilk everywhere and the dramatic shift your body makes from being pregnant to no longer pregnant anymore.

At birth | Fort Worth, we strive to nurture you throughout your entire birthing experience and that includes your postpartum time as well.  One of the ways we do that is to provide the traditional Malaysian technique of Bengkung belly binding. 

Fort Worth belly binding

What Can You Expect?

Capture this moment in time with a Milk Bath Session from  CS Portraits

Capture this moment in time with a Milk Bath Session from CS Portraits

If you decide on the Total Postpartum Pampering package, you will be able to enjoy a wonderfully relaxing floral or milk bath before your binding.  We encourage you to enjoy this time to relax and heal, with or without your baby.  This time is meant for you- to feel beautiful and pampered while ingredients of the bath nourish your body and spirit. 

We will end the wrapping session with a warming paste and wrap. The paste is full of spices that can help firm and tone your skin, help release water retention and increase blood flow to the area.  A panel is placed over your skin and then we begin wrapping.  I'll teach you how to wrap as I go but don't worry, you'll get an email from us with a video demonstration, as well.

What Makes Bengkung Belly Binding Different?

The Bengkung style of wrapping is superior to other wraps because of its ability to be customized to your individual body size.  The Velcro wraps that can be purchased online or at the local baby stores are made in a one size fits all fashion.  Our custom wrap begins at your hips to provide a nice, strong foundation.  It is then wrapped up, with a series of knots, to provide support for the muscles that spend 9 months separating to accommodate your little one.  Wrapping creates the support needed to help your abdomen heal and come back together quicker as well as reducing the risk of developing or aggravating diastasis recti.  Belly binding also helps to create better posture, which can help to ward off back and neck pain from breastfeeding.

This Sounds Amazing!  When Can I Schedule This?

Ideally, we would come to you for the belly binding session 3-5 days after a vaginal delivery and as soon as possible after being cleared by your physician in the case of a cesarean.  We recommend wearing the wrap for around 12 hours a day for approximately 40 days. 

What Else Should I Know?

While we certainly want you to enjoy the pampering that comes with a Total Postpartum Pampering Session, you or your partner will need to learn how to do this so that you can be re-wrapped every day.  To make sure you feel comfortable, we will work slowly and explain each step as we go and give you a chance to practice while we are doing it. 

There has been so much information come out about how important the core of your body is and postpartum belly binding is just one more way to care for our bodies now in order to be healthier in the future.