FWDA Spotlight: Hand Dyed Baby Wraps in Fort Worth, TX

Thinking of baby wearing your new little one?  Want a beautiful, custom made wrap (umm... who doesn't, right)?  Then check out our friend Loreal, owner of Hand Dyed Baby Wraps in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth baby

I chatted with Loreal recently and wanted to share with y'all.  Read on !

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: So I'm a momma of 3 young children and attachment parenting is our goal and babywearing just helps us do that with a 4 month old, 3.5 yr old and 6 year old.  It keeps us hands-free while still keeping baby close and allows us to play with our other boys at the same time!!

Q: How did you get started with Hand Dyed Baby Wraps?

A: I started baby wearing with my oldest son 6 years ago but since he is so hot-natured he wouldn't allow me to wear him very long in anything.  So I decided to make my own wrap and after having other moms ask me about my wraps and where they could buy them, I finally decided to sell them.

Q: What products do you currently carry?

A: I currently offer custom dyred orders in bottom-weight cotton gauze that's super breathable (it's what my kiddos love to be worn in), a 100% woven cotton fabric and I also offer water wraps. 

Hand Dyed Wrap

The gauze wraps are perfect for summer since they are so light and breathable.  The wovens are a little thicker but offer a bit more support and the water wraps are beyond awesome!  Available in over 20 colors, they help secure baby while you're in the waterpark/pool or even in the shower- no more wet, slippery baby! 

We also have crunchy baby products in production now- it's a line of baby toys that attach to the wraps. Some crinkly toys with different textures, chew bead attachments, etc.

Q: How can we get our hands on these beautiful wraps and other goodies??

A: Once you're ready to order, I'll help you pick the correct size wrap and chat about the design you're wanting.  My turn-around time is only two weeks and I ship all over the US.  Then, once the parents get their wrap, I will help them learn how to safely and properly wrap their child.

You can find Loreal on Facebook and on Etsy (@handdyedbabywraps) and don't forget to stopy by and say hello at the Big Latch On event this weekend at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Fort Worth Doula

Fun fact: I met Loreal 2 years ago at the 2014 Big Latch On.  I was trying to wear my newborn in a way-too-big Ka'tan.  She helped be pick a properly sized wrap and then taught me how to comfortably wear Lola.  It was my first time really loving wearing her and I never looked back!  She's 2 now and she still likes her "up" every now and then.  Thanks, Loreal!