5 Things We Know About Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers.

Two simple words that have the ability to incite a frenzy and simultaneously strike fear in the hearts of new parents everywhere.  Having been there, done that ourselves, we're here to offer a few tips about cloth diapering.

5 Things We Know About Cloth Diapering

1. It Can Be Overwhelming- As a curious mom who was maybe, sorta thinking about trying cloth diapers, there was a definite learning curve. AIO, AI2, Pockets, Fitteds, CBI, Covers... yikes!  But, trust us, stick around a few of the boards and you'll pick it up quickly! 

2. Do Your Research!  You'll need to know what all that lingo means so you can figure out what method will work best for you and your family. Check out our Cloth Diapering board on Pinterest for great ideas to get you started or schedule a Cloth Diaper Consult with one of our experts.

3. Consider Used- Buying used doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality! Cloth diapers have a lot of life in them; many families use them from one kiddo to another. And buying used will definitely save you a few bucks, too. Check out your local buy-sell-trade sites or your local cloth diapering store for used options.

4. Lot's of Bad Advice- Talk to a handful of women and you're likely to get different advice on wash routines, stripping, drying, etc. We've found the KISS principle to be helpful here- Keep It Simple, Silly!  Start with a good wash routine and you'll be good to go!  For help finding a routine that works for your family, visit Fluff Love & Cloth Diaper Science (or visit our Pinterest board).

Baby in cloth diaper

5. It's addicting!  Fluff, as it's known in the cloth world, has serious addictive qualities- the prints, the adorable fluffy bottoms, the limited edition releases (yes, it's a thing)... before you know it, you may have quite the collection (or stash as it's known).  Not to worry though, the resale value is great!!


BONUS: Visit Crunchy Boutique in Arlington for one-on-one guidance and you'll be supporting a local family and woman-owned business!

Do you have a little one in cloth?  Have an amazing stash shot?  We want to see them so share with us in the comments below!