Top 5 Pregnancy Superpowers

Women are pretty bad ass.  Pregnant women take it to a whole new level. 

I mean, they are literally growing a human being inside their body.  That's pretty legit (and worthy of some recognition)!  Read on to find out more...

Top 5 Pregnancy Superpowers

1. Ability to Nap at a Moment's Notice- This one is my favorite.  I'm not a huge fan of naps unless I've been at a birth but when I'm pregnant, I take ALL THE NAPS.  And they are glorious.

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2. Thick, Glorious Hair- I LOVE my pregnancy hair- it's everything I want it to be when I'm not pregnant.  Thick, full, grows like crazy.  If I were Wonder Woman, it would be my Lasso of Truth- just whip it around the bad guys. **PS: Read about Managing Postpartum Hair Loss Here

3. XXX Fun- Thanks to all the extra blood flow and hormones, many women report a significant increase in libido and ahem, sexy dreams.  A beautiful new curvy body doesn't hurt either.  Enjoy it!  Revel in your sexy self, ladies!

4.  Super Smell- Lord, have mercy!  My sense of smell was OUTSTANDING during both of my pregnancies.  I was like a bloodhound.  Had onions 12 hours ago?  I could tell.  Sic us preggos on the trail- we'll track em down.

5. Bigger Feet- Relaxin, you devil.  Yeah, you let our hips widen and pelvis spread to accommodate that human we're growing but you also do things like make our feet bigger.  I don't know about y'all but my feet were pretty big to begin with and they didn't go back to normal after my first pregnancy so, thanks a lot.  At least now I could water ski barefooted no problem.  That's bound to come in handy at some point, right??

What superpowers would you add to the list??  Share in the comments below!