It's Not About Us: Why You Won't See Our Year End Stats

Award-Winning Birth Doula Support in Fort Worth

When I was a new doula, I was told to keep meticulous stats on my clients. 

What type of birth they were planning. What type of birth they achieved. Did they have a “natural” birth?  Even better, a water birth?  Did they have a *gasp* cesarean birth? How long was their labor?What color was their toe nail polish? 

Ok, maybe not the last one but still.  I had a huge spreadsheet with all sorts of information so that come the end of the year, I could compile MY stats and use them to convince women that using ME as their doula would help them achieve a natural birth

Notice how that was all about ME?

Yeah.  Not cool.

Because it isn't about ME. It's about YOU. 

I've now come to realize that birth isn't about me, it's about my client.  A natural birth isn't the only thing that matters. An epidural doesn't mean anyone failed. A cesarean isn't the wrong way to have a baby. 

What matters is that our clients walk away feeling 100% supported. 


Now, this isn't to say we don't care about supporting your natural birth- you bet we do! We have awesome relationships with fantastic providers that will do everything in their power to help you achieve your dream birth. We've got tips and tricks, we teach classes, we know how to help you get there. We'll help you rock your natural, un-medicated, water birth!

But we don't care any less about supporting a family that chooses a different path. It just means that we are capable of support that is free of judgement. 

You won't see any stats around here but know this- we're in the business of support. And we're damn good at it. 

You want to feel that support at your birth? Give us a call.  We'd love to chat!