Real Families Answer: Why Hire a Doula?

"The real question is why wouldn't you?  Set yourself up for success!" - Tara Ewell, RN

Fort Worth doula


"We hired a doula to make it more of a celebration and allow my husband to participate more rather than focusing on little details (like when to call the midwife)." - Taylor Estrada, doula and mom of 2


"Because I was terrified!!! I knew putting that much pressure on my hubs wasn't fair.  Instead, we both got to enjoy the experience and it couldn't have gone better!" - DeeDee Justice

"Because I didn't want to live with wondering "'what if'" the rest of my life. My VBAC was the best day of my life and I wanted to do everything I knew to do in order to achieve that." - Bethany Grannan, doula and mom of 2

"We hired a doula for so many reasons! I didn't want all of the pressure to be on Brandon. Knowing I wanted help, but not from family. Also, the ability to get placenta encapsulation and breast feeding support was a HUGE bonus." - Alexandra Nance


"Because I knew that my lovely, caring hubby would allow me to cave in to interventions when it got hard and my doula gave me the confidence to keep going toward the goal I desired in the midst of the pain." - Kelsi Wilbers


"I hired a doula because I knew I could have the birth I wanted but knew I needed the support of someone who had seen many births." - Marie Woerner, PT, DPT


"The energy and comfort you provided was irreplaceable; nothing comes close. You were able to see and say what was needed when it was needed. I will forever remember the difference you made for my family." - Paul Pittman


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