How to Build a Nursing Nest

If you've taken Your Best Birth Class™, you know about nursing nests. But, for the rest of you, here's the lowdown..

A nursing nest is, quite simply, an area that is set up to make feeding your baby easier and more comfortable for you. 

Building Your Nursing Nest.png

First, you'll want to pick a nice, comfy spot you don't mind spending some time in. I loved our old broken-in recliner for nursing my daughter. I could nurse her, rock her and then recline and catch some zzzs of my own!

Next, you'll want to gather all the essentials. Here are my top picks:

  • Nursing Pillow- I LOVED the My Brest Friend pillow but, once I figured out natural breastfeeding (something we cover in Your Best Birth Class™), I didn't even need a pillow!

  • Nipple cream- My favorite is the Earth Mama Nipple Butter, which you can pick up locally at Babies R Us or Buy, Buy Baby.

  • Burp rag or receiving blanket for cleaning up messes (spit up, leaking milk, diaper explosions)

  • Nursing pads- I love these reusable nursing pads from Bamboobies. They are much more comfortable than the plastic disposable ones.

  • Snacks for you- bonus points if they are easy to eat one-handed!

  • Water bottle- you've gotta stay hydrated too, mama.

  • The television remote- because there's no better time for binge-watching your favorite shows!

  • A nearby outlet for keeping your cell phone/tablet/kindle charged.

There you have it! Find yourself a comfy chair or spot on the couch, pile all these goodies next to you and settle in to love on that sweet new babe.