4 Ways to Beat the Heat in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, TX

Well, ladies, just when you thought the worst of the Texas heat was over, September comes and throws us one last heat wave.

Not to fear!  We've put together a list of things to do to beat the heat and work in some self-care at the same time!

1. Visit The Lash Lady- forget your mother's false lashes, these are fabulous!  Make an appointment with Emily or Kara and leave looking like a million bucks and camera ready for birth pics.  And, you'll enjoy an hour or two of quiet and pampering while they work; a nice cool room, relaxing music, a soft blanket.. what more could you ask for? 

You can find her at 501 Carrol St., Ste. #638 Fort Worth, TX (Inside ZeeBa Salon & Day Spa)

I mean, who doesn't want lashes like that??

I mean, who doesn't want lashes like that??

Innerlight Chiropractic, Fort Worth TX

2. Get adjusted at InnerLight Chiropractic- if you aren't already getting chiropractic care, now is the time to start!  Terry Garcia, owner of InnerLight Chiropractic, is amazing and has a heart for serving pregnant mamas and little ones.  The space is beautiful and comforting and just a few minutes from the hospital district so there no reason NOT to go! 

Go see Dr. Terry at 1616 5th. Ave., Fort Worth, TX and tell her Doula Barb sent ya! 

Acupuncture Fort Worth, TX

3. While you're in the neighborhood, go see Sarah Brock for acupuncture and holistic healing.  Acupuncture has so many benefits during pregnancy, including relief from nausea, heartburn, edema, aches and pains, as well as baby positioning support, failure to progress and lots more (it's also incredibly helpful during the postpartum stage, as well).  Step into her beautiful space and leave feeling renewed and refreshed! 

Sara Brock Holistic Healing, 1810 8th Ave., Fort Worth, TX

4. Breakfast at Brewed!  We LOVE Brewed and for good reason! Known as the locals' living room, it's so cozy and comfortable there.  And, let's be real here, the reason we keep coming back is the FOOD!  It's delicious (chef-inspired seasonal menu, anyone?).  I recommend anything on their menu, but my favorite breakfast is, hands-down, the Pulled Pork Hash.  Go see for yourself and be sure to wear your stretchy pants.

Seriously... it's that good.

Seriously... it's that good.

Brewed 801 W. Magnolia, Fort Worth TX

Well, there you have it. Four ways to beat the insane heat in Fort Worth this week.  Go forth, relax, beautify and enjoy!