What Should I Do When Labor Begins??

Did you know how to REST during labor?

Did you know how to REST during labor?

Ahhh... the question on every pregnant woman's mind.  Luckily, there's an easy answer. 

Sort of.

R- Relax!  It's easy to get excited but doing so can kill those laboring hormones you have working for you. So, if you think you may be in labor, take it easy. If it's night time, don't flip on the lights. Instead, lay there and have a nice chat with yourself and that sweet babe you're carrying. Enjoy that special moment of in-between. The end of pregnancy, the beginning of your labor journey.

E- Eat!  You're about to undergo quite a taxing event and your body will need the fuel. So, if you've eaten a meal recently, try to grab a small healthy snack. If you haven't eaten lately, try to eat something a little heartier. Not too heavy, but something that will give you some energy.

S- Stay Hydrated!  Hydration is so, so important. Make it a point to fill up a water bottle and keep in handy. Try to take a sip after every other contraction, at least. If you get tired of water, try sipping labor aide or maybe coconut water for an electrolyte boost.

T- Tune into Yourself!  Remember that chat I mentioned up above? Do it. Take a few deep breaths and do an evaluation of your emotions. Are you scared? Nervous? Excited?  All of the above? Acknowledge and honor those feelings. Know they are normal and part of the process.

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